SHOWA MAINTENANCE CO.,LTD supports the Sustainable Development Goals.

3. Good health and well-being

We minimize odors and other pollution by transporting organic waste to reusable treatment facilities, mainly fermentation treatment, instead of allowing it to decompose, thereby reducing waste and utilizing it as an unused resource.

6. Clean water and sanitation

We work to ensure the permanent existence of clean water by selecting treatment methods that prevent contamination of sewage and groundwater by industrial waste.

9.Industry Innovation and infrastructure

Assuming that resources will be depleted in the future, we need to switch to the use of unused and used resources as a preparatory step, and one of the options is the use of waste. We will seek alternative energy sources that are essential for a sustainable society and industrial survival.

12. Responsible consumption and production

In addition to the responsibility to produce and use, the responsibility to dispose of waste is also important, and we will promote recycling and semi-permanent disposal methods that can be continued semi-permanently, such as recycling and natural decomposition, avoiding disposal methods that have no future on land and lead to environmental pollution, such as simple landfill incineration.

15. Life on land

We work to ensure that waste is transported to the proper disposal company for disposal so that it does not become a source of soil contamination due to incorrect disposal methods.