ISO14001  (Environmental Management System Audit)

We have obtained ISO14001 (Environmental Management System Audit) certification.

Environmental Policy

 We take into consideration that it is “Good advisor of the waste disposer” in the industrial waste collection and transportation, disposal, recycling and various cleaning businesses, “monitoring of the processing facilities and the sound management of the recycling facilities” etc. , Pursue the “development of business through environmental conservation projects” in order to contribute to the conservation of the local community and the local environment, with the principle of “to transform waste into raw materials and products”, to “recycle waste recycling business” We will take action guidelines and actively.

Behavioral guidelines

  1. We will comply with regulatory requirements and other requirements agreed by us.
  2. We will maintain and operate the Environmental   Management System, continuously improve its     effectiveness, improve technology and improve environmental performance.
  3. We will understand internal and external issues    and stakeholders’ requirements and respond to  changes.
  4. We will evaluate the impact on the environment, considering prevention of all contamination arising from the activities of the organization and environmental protection, we will  promote improvements within the technically and economically feasible range in order to reduce environmental  burden.
  5. Promotion of appropriate advice by communicating with waste disposal companies.
  6. Promotion of energy conservation in                   organizational activities (ECO driving, effective  use of paper resources)

 In order to achieve the above, we set targets, all employees promote improvement activities and carry out periodic reviews based on the achievement plan.

April 15, 2017

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